National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency

Country towns and communities are the heart of this nation – a healthy, viable farming industry benefits all Australians.

Led by Coordinator-General the Hon Shane L Stone AC QC, the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency works hand-in-hand with communities, all levels of government, charities and agricultural organisations to support farmers and other rural and regional Australians living through the immediate and longer-term effects of drought and flood.

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Drought and Flood Agency

Since we started in 2019, we have clocked 377,000km on the road! Talking to people around their kitchen tables, in their paddocks and on the sides of the road – so we can be sure Aus Gov support is getting to the people who need it. Hope to see you in your region soon! #recovery https://t.co/mvWGJ9Ddc8

Drought and Flood Agency

Have you read our ‘Staying Connected’ newsletter yet? It’s full of helpful drought and flood info, and updates from the regions to give you a head start in 2021! Read it online or subscribe to get straight to your inbox: https://t.co/GM4y4GoRm4 #resilience #relief #recovery https://t.co/9MtrQy0SCh