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North Queensland flood recovery

After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery  is a blueprint for a prosperous and secure future for North and North-West Queensland.

It’s the Australian Government’s commitment to supporting the continued recovery from the 2019 North Queensland flood event.

Since the strategy’s release in October 2020, the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency has continued working with flood-affected communities to ensure the funding that supports the Strategy’s implementation continues to be ‘locally led, locally understood, locally implemented.’

Recovery in action

The Australian Government has allocated $58 million in grants to support the regions’ ongoing recovery and long-term prosperity:

• $15 million to improve access to reliable and affordable telecommunications and energy services;
• $12 million to improve disaster risk planning and support disaster risk mitigation activities;
• $9 million for projects that support and grow emerging and existing industries and supply chains to generate economic and employment opportunities;
• $2 million to support the mental wellbeing of young people; and
• $20 million for recovery and resilience grants.

Further information, including opening dates and guidelines is available here.

Locally-led implementation

This strategy was developed with the people of the North and North-West, for the people of the North and North-West and local voices remain central to its implementation.

The Agency has also established two Implementation Working Groups - one in the North East and one in the North West. Read more about them here.

The vision:  a strong and prosperous future

This long-term recovery strategy reflects what people have told us matters to them, a resilient future in which:

Five pillars towards a prosperous future

Through 5 strategic priority areas, the strategy will guide investment in actions that support the long-term recovery and prosperity of affected communities, strengthen their preparedness for future challenges, and help the regions adapt and transform in an every-changing environment.

They are the culmination of many hours of community consultation and research.

For examples of how people, businesses and communities are already working towards these strategic priorities, visit our Stories from the Region page.

Download the Strategy document and Action Statement below

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