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Backing North Queensland’s long term recovery

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The long-term recovery strategy for communities affected by the 2019 North Queensland flood has been finalised and work is underway on ways to improve the regions’ resilience and future prosperity.

After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery, was developed by the National Drought and Flood Agency after extensive consultation in the region, and released as part of the Australian Government’s 2020 budget.

Five measures totalling $58 million will kick-start implementation over the coming months. These include a recovery and resilience grants program; funding for improved access to reliable telecommunications and energy services; increasing skills in disaster risk management planning and risk mitigation; support for economic diversification and emerging industries and preventative mental health programs for young people.

Coordinator-General for Drought and the North Queensland Floods, the Hon Shane L Stone AC QC and Drought and Flood Agency staff have already gone to work supporting the Strategy’s implementation.

“I’ll be travelling through the region later this month, talking to Mayors and other community and business leaders to outline the Agency’s priorities.  This includes locally-driven initiatives that underpin the Strategy’s five strategic pillars,” Mr Stone said.

Aligned to the Strategy’s strategic pillars are 19 actions, which the flood-affected communities say are vital for future prosperity and resilience.

“This Strategy was developed with and for the people of the North and North West. We’ve had many conversations around kitchen tables, in town halls, council meeting rooms, local coffee shops and on the sides of roads.  We also held seven roundtables across the regions with representatives from primary production, natural resource management, small business, healthcare and government,” Mr Stone said.

In line with the National Drought and Flood Agency’s guiding principle ‘Locally led. Locally understood. Locally implemented’, the Agency will continue to work with the affected regions to support the implementation of the Strategy and funding. Over the coming months this includes:

  • Further details of the $58 million in measures.  This investment directly reflects what affected communities told us they need.
  • Forming two Implementation Working Groups – one for the North East and one for the North West. Comprised of community leaders, non-government and government representatives, the working groups will outline priorities, timeframes and funding sources to achieve the Strategy’s objectives.

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