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Bringing Christmas cheer to the bush

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

This month the Drought and Flood Agency has been busy supporting community end-of-year events across rural and regional Australia, providing locals with a chance to reconnect and celebrate all the hard work that’s gone into a challenging year.

Community events play a huge role in boosting resilience and improving recovery from tough times. After flood, drought, bushfires and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that regional and rural communities band together to overcome adversity. So when our North NSW Regional Recovery Officer Sandy McNaughton heard that two communities in her region – Mungindi and Coolatai – were struggling to put on their annual Christmas celebrations due to the impacts of drought, she stepped in to help. Mungindi also suffered a major fire this year that took out its supermarket and other shops in the main street.

The Agency-sponsored ‘Crackin’ Christmas Carnivals’ were widely embraced by the communities and proved hugely popular. Both communities were treated to a much-needed evening of free entertainment, food and fun!

The Agency also sponsored a Christmas event in Westmar, Queensland, coordinated by RHealth and attended by over 300 people.

After years of drought and missing out on much of the recent rains, the events were an opportunity for people to come together and catch up with neighbours they haven’t had the chance to see for quite a while. They also provided an opportunity for locals to access vital support and information from our Regional Recovery Officers and other organisations in attendance.

To find out more about our sponsorships, get in touch with your local RRO here: www.droughtandflood.gov.au/our-community/regional-recovery-officers