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Burdekin roundtable kicks off strategy for longer-term recovery and improved resilience

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Home Hill
Media Release

A roundtable in Home Hill, Burdekin Shire today is the first in a series that will gain on the ground feedback and insights to inform the development of a strategy for the region’s longer-term recovery and resilience.

The North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency is developing the strategy for consideration by the Australian Government, to identify practical steps individuals, communities and government can take to assist with longer-term recovery, and build resilience and preparedness for future natural disasters and catastrophic weather events.

The roundtable will focus on issues facing primary producers and their businesses following the monsoon trough in January-February 2019.

Agency CEO Shane L Stone AC QC said it was an opportunity for primary producers to contribute to the strategy and build on the extensive consultation that the Agency has undertaken since it was formed in March 2019.

“Here in the Burdekin, we’ve seen the impact on canegrowers, fruit and vegetable growers, fish farmers and others,” Mr Stone said. “We need feedback and insights from all kinds of primary production that have suffered the effects of the floods.

“No one knows this region better than the people living here, and their input will help to ensure that the strategy hits the mark and is of real practical benefit,” Mr Stone said.

Other roundtables—planned for Townsville and the shires of McKinlay, Richmond and Winton—will look at a number of issues facing primary producers, small businesses and communities, including economic prosperity, resilience, reconstruction and infrastructure, and natural resource management.

“Six months on from the disaster, we’ve seen that farmers, businesses and communities are starting to get back on their feet—their spirit is returning but the job is far from over.

“Recovery from this event will take years, and it’s important for us to identify what we can be doing now and in the future to enable the region’s recovery and prosperity.”

In addition to the roundtables, Agency representatives will continue to meet with stakeholders and attend community and industry events over coming months to get further input.