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Country Women's Association household grants

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Australian Government is providing $2.5 million to the Country Women’s Association of Australia to further support their drought relief program. Household grants are being distributed to farming families.

Assistance can be provided as cash payments or vouchers up to $3,000.

The assistance scheme is one of several Australian Government drought initiatives designed to reach drought-affected communities through charities and non-government organisations.

The CWAA is one of Australia’s most trusted organisations, with a long history of stepping up when things get tough in the bush.  The association has an intimate connection with country communities, and is well placed to deliver Australian Government support where it’s needed most.

The CWA assistance has been designed to complement other Australian Government rural support, such as Rotary Australia debit cards, and funding delivered by charities through the Drought Communities Support Initiative (DSCI) to help farmers, farm workers and their families pay for everyday items such as groceries, petrol, medical and household bills.

To apply for financial assistance through the CWA visit https://www.cwaa.org.au/donations-assist/assistance

To find out about additional drought assistance, visit https://recovery.serviceconnect.gov.au/drought