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COVID-19 assistance for regional communities and agricultural businesses

Monday, March 30, 2020

We recognise that many regional and rural families, communities and businesses already dealing with drought and the lasting affects of the 2019 North Queensland floods are now facing the challenges and uncertainties of COVID-19.

The Australian Government is moving fast to find the best ways to help save lives and livelihoods, and has recently announced a raft of financial and community assistance to support you through this difficult time.

Make sure you stay up to date on what assistance is available to you, your family, community or small business. This includes income, tax, superannuation, telehealth and mental health supports, and much more.

If you’re affected you can find out more, and register your intention to claim a Centrelink payment on the Services Australia website.

The official Australian Government website for COVID-19 is regularly updated with the latest news, assistance and advice from government agencies across Australia. Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you have a smartphone, can also download the Coronavirus Australia app for important official updates and health advice for staying safe. Just search “Coronavirus Australia” in the Apple App Store and on Google Play to download the free app.

You can also sign up for WhatsApp updates by clicking this link on your phone. More information is on the www.australia.gov.au website.