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Grasshopper Working Group in North-West Queensland

Friday, February 26, 2021
North-West Queensland

We’ve been very concerned about the havoc caused by large grasshopper numbers across North-West Queensland, which is taking its toll on people who have already been through the 2019 North Queensland flood event and endless years of drought.

As these scenes from Winton show, pasture that had started to recover nicely has been virtually destroyed. Without good pasture to support livestock, people aren’t able to get back on their feet and the region’s long-term recovery is hampered.

While recovery will take years, we want to see it happen as quickly and smoothly as possible so when issues like this arise, our role is to make sure everything that can be done is being done.

Winton Shire Council Mayor and Advisory Board member Gavin Baskett has strongly advocated for a coordinated response to this issue across all levels of government. His advocacy has been instrumental in the formation of the Grasshopper Working Group, which met for the first time yesterday.

The Agency is a member of this group and doing all we can to support Queensland Agriculture and Biosecurity Queensland who are leading the local response.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation, keep supporting you and the region, and continue to keep you informed of what’s being done to address the problem.

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