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Help us develop a strategy for longer-term recovery and improved resilience in your region

Thursday, August 15, 2019
North Queensland

Were you impacted by this year’s monsoon trough? Do you have an idea for how you, your community or your business could be better positioned to deal with natural disasters and extreme weather events in the future?

If the answer is yes, we need your input.

The North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency is developing a strategy for the region’s longer-term recovery and improved resilience. The strategy will identify practical steps we can take now and in the future to assist with recovery, and build resilience and preparedness for natural disasters and extreme weather events.

No one knows your region better than you. Your input will help ensure the strategy hits the mark and is of real practical benefit.

Send your ideas or answers to any of the following questions to nqlira@pmc.gov.au.

  • How has the flood affected your future and the future of your family, community, business and/or region?
  • What does a strong, resilient and sustainable community/business look like to you 10 years from now – and what do you see as the greatest opportunities in achieving this vision?
  • What does your community/business need in order to be in a better position to deal with this kind of event in the future?

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