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Helping kids remain resilient in the face of natural disaster

Monday, December 14, 2020

A program to help school-aged children remain resilient in the face of natural disaster will roll out across North Queensland over the coming months.

The $2 million ‘Resilient Kids’ measure is one of five funded by the Australian Government to kick-start the implementation of the locally-led long-term recovery strategy, developed by the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency following the devastating and widespread 2019 monsoon trough.

The money means children who went through the event will gain skills in recognising mental health stress and know where to turn to for help.

From the close work the National Drought and Flood Agency has done with affected communities, we know this is an important investment in the region’s young people. It directly reflects what people said they need for their continued recovery and so that they are better equipped if something like this were to happen again.

The funding will be available to the Western Queensland and Northern Queensland Primary Health Networks to commission service providers early in the New Year.

The Australian Government has earmarked $58 million in grants to support the region’s ongoing recovery and future prosperity. You can find out more about the grants, including expected opening dates, here.

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