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HerdThat initiative launches in support of the NT cattle industry

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A cattle industry promotion in the Northern Territory is highlighting the importance of cattle farming to the region and the contribution made by pastoralists to the Territory economy.

The HerdThat initiative is the work of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) and provides a platform where primary producers and associated supporting companies in the private sector can generate ideas that promote sound policy and good governance.

“Livelihoods, especially in remote and regional parts of the Northern Territory, depend on a healthy, booming cattle industry,” NTCA Chief Executive Officer Ashley Manicaros said.

“The Territory’s $1.2 billion cattle industry is a foundation of the Northern Territory economy and HerdThat is playing a crucial role in connecting with Territorians so they understand what the cattle industry does and how our pastoralists work.”

The HerdThat campaign first started in late 2019 with a new website, social media accounts and TV commercials. 

In March this year the campaign launched an online shop selling HerdThat branded products, with all money made through sales to be invested back into the Territory cattle industry and associated promotional activities.

“I think people are surprised about the reach of the NT cattle industry when it comes to jobs - from cattle producers themselves to station hands, truck drivers, mechanics, grader drivers, service station operators, shop assistants, butchers, stock agents, helicopter pilots, public servants responsible for monitoring the industry, vets, environmental scientists and so many more,” said Mr Manicaros.

“By purchasing HerdThat merchandise, all Australians can show their support for an industry which has been a key performer at a national and international level. In times of economic downturn, the cattle industry continues to support local Territory businesses – Territorians working for Territorians.”

Figures show that 50 per cent of local cattle industry spending stays in the Territory, with money flowing directly into NT communities and rural towns.

“The NT cattle industry isn’t just about a steak on a plate. Families, businesses and the future of the Northern Territory rely on our support for the cattle industry,” Mr Manicaros said.

You can follow HerdThat on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and visit www.herdthat.com.au/shop