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Managing the mouse plague: updates and advice from CSIRO’s Steve Henry

Friday, April 30, 2021

Agency staff recently met with CSIRO Research Officer Steve Henry to discuss the mouse plague currently sweeping Eastern Australia.

Steve’s research is a partnership with the Australian Government Grains Research & Investment Corporation (GRDC) and focuses on minimising the impact mice have on farming systems.

The research is about understanding mice in zero and no-till cropping systems, and developing and communicating effective control methods for producers in time to sow this winter crop.

Mice are always present in farming systems – but when conditions are favourable, their usually small and undetectable populations can grow rapidly and overflow across paddocks into rural communities.

Mice are breeding machines, and a single pair of mice can give rise to 500 offspring during a single season!

In our two part video series, Steve answers some common questions about the appropriate way to deal with high mice numbers safely and effectively in towns and on farms, as well as the impact of weather events.

Check out the videos here: Mouse Plague Update with CSIRO's Steve Henry (Pt 1) and Mouse Plague Update with CSIRO's Steve Henry (Pt 2)