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North West Queensland Flood Recovery Summit report published

Coordinator-General Shane Stone and other North West Queensland Flood Recovery Summit participants.
Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Community recovery that builds resilience and takes into account the longer-term economic, social and emotional wellbeing of a region and its residents remains a priority for the Agency. We will continue to take the time to visit and listen to the experiences of flood affected individuals and communities as they recover and plan for the future, and integrate their insights into our work with primary health networks and all levels of government.

The Western Queensland Primary Health Network has published its report on the North West Queensland Flood Recovery Summit, which Coordinator-General Shane Stone and Agency staff participated in late last year.

The report acknowledges the strength and success of community recovery from the early 2019 flood event, and highlights the crucial role the Agency plays in nurturing relationships and collaboration between graziers, community members, other government agencies, mental health providers, charities, industry recovery officers and rural financial counsellors.

“It’s important to pull together all the threads of those who have been working in the field, because now’s the time to ensure we’re not missing people and they’re not falling through the gaps,” Mr Stone said.

The report identifies keys priority areas for peak bodies and the health services sector to work on and improve, for the benefit of residents and organisations facing an ongoing and lengthy recovery process as a result of the event.

These include continuing to build individual and community capacity and resilience by integrating support locally, finding ways to measure the effectiveness of services and encouraging access to the right level of support, in the right place, at the right time.