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What A Relief! It’s Damian Callinan on tour!

Thursday, April 29, 2021
Northern NSW

This April, the Agency’s 'What A Relief! It's Damian Callinan' tour rolled out in town halls across Northern NSW.

The tour lifted the spirits of 10 communities hit hard by drought, flood, fire and COVID-19, delivering a much-needed dose of comedy relief from multi-award-winning comedian, actor, screenwriter and storyteller, Damian Callinan.

It’s been a long time since some of these communities have been able to see a live show or host an event, so the tour was a great opportunity for locals to reconnect with their friends and neighbours and to laugh and relax together.

Local health and Rural Financial Counselling service providers, along with RROs Sandy McNaughton and Jen Jeffrey were also on hand to offer information and advice to any attendees who wanted to have a chat.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our website for upcoming recovery events!