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Regional Recovery Officers

Regional Recovery Officers - A strong regional presence

The National Drought and Flood Agency is committed to maintaining  ‘boots on the ground’  through our Australia-wide network of Regional Recovery Officers.

The regional team plays a key coordination role, working with all levels of government, health professionals, counsellors, small businesses, charities, agricultural and community organisations to provide effective on-the-ground assistance for people impacted by drought, natural disasters like floods and bushfires, and challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

We work closely with other Australian Government agencies such as the Rural Financial Counselling Service, Regional Investment Corporation, Services Australia and the Australian Taxation Office to ensure farmers, regional businesses and communities are aware of Australian Government support initiatives and to ensure people receive the correct information and advice to suit their individual needs.

Our regional team are a voice for people living outside of the larger cities and a crucial source of real time information about how Australian Government assistance measures are working for primary producers, regional businesses and communities. We want to ensure local ideas and feedback are regularly delivered to the highest levels of government and make certain the Australian Government understands the challenges unique to each region and can work with communities on the best solutions for them.

The team is made up of livestock farmers, natural resource management specialists, experienced farm workers, beef producers, rural financial counsellors, disaster management specialists, state department employees and even a former regional mayor. They understand from their own experiences what the opportunities and challenges are for regional and remote communities battling through extreme challenges.

From the Agency’s establishment on 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2021, Agency staff have driven a total of approximately half a million kilometres visiting towns and properties across regional Australia.


HEAD OFFICE Brisbane RROEngagement@pmc.gov.au
Bruce Scott - Regional & Local Government Advisor Charleville Bruce.Scott@pmc.gov.au       
North Queensland Tahna Jackson RROEngagement@pmc.gov.auRROEngagement@pmc.gov.auRROEngagement@pmc.gov.auRROEngagement@pmc.gov.auRRrrsdfRRONorthQLD@pmc.gov.au
North West Queensland   RRONorthWestQLD@pmc.gov.au
South East Queensland   RROSouthEastQLD@pmc.gov.au
South West Queensland Bryson Head RROSouthWestQLD@pmc.gov.au
Townsville-Mackay Region Emma Rush RROTownsville@pmc.gov.au
Mid NSW Jennifer Jeffrey RROMidNSW@pmc.gov.au
Northern NSW Sandy McNaughton RRONorthNSW@pmc.gov.au
South East NSW Chris Clark RROSouthEastNSW@pmc.gov.au
Central NSW Tammy Greer RROCentralNSW@pmc.gov.au
Far West NSW Claire Butler RROFarWestNSW@pmc.gov.au
Hunter Region  Kalen Sowter RROHunterRegion@pmc.gov.au
North WA Candy Hudson RRONorthWA@pmc.gov.au
South WA June Bell RROSouthWA@pmc.gov.au
West Victoria Dean Jones RROWestVIC@pmc.gov.au
East Victoria Lana Young RROEastVIC@pmc.gov.au
North SA Justine Major RRONorthSA@pmc.gov.au
Far North SA Matt Humphrey RROFarNorthSA@pmc.gov.au
South SA Ann Letcher RROSouthSA@pmc.gov.au
Northern Territory Jane Mack RRONT@pmc.gov.au
Tasmania Holly Hansen RROTAS@pmc.gov.au