Regional Recovery Officers

Regional Recovery Officers - A strong regional presence

The National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency is committed to putting ‘boots on the ground’ and is currently in the process of employing 18 Regional Recovery Officers (RROs) to work directly with rural communities across Australia. 

The Regional Recovery Officers will work closely on the ground with other Australian Government agencies, such as the Rural Financial Counselling Service, Regional Investment Corporation and Services Australia to assist people impacted by flood and drought. This will ensure farmers and businesses in affected areas are aware of Australian Government drought initiatives and how to access them, receive the correct information and advice to suit their individual needs, and provide local feedback for government about how to better prepare for and withstand future challenges.  The officers will now also be providing advice on the COVID-19 assistance measures that are available for all rural and regional communities.

The officers are an important conduit between people in our regions and the Australian Government. The RRO’s will be a voice from the region straight back to the Coordinator General and his team.

PLEASE NOTE: The Agency is finalising recruitment of these positions. This page will continue to be updated as more Recovery Officers come on board.

South East Queensland Hannah Leu
North Queensland Tahna Jackson
North West Queensland Rachael O'Brien
Townsville Emma Rush
Northern Territory Jane Mack
North NSW Sandy McNaughton
North NSW Jennifer Jeffrey
South East NSW Chris Clark
South West NSW Matt Humphrey
Central NSW Tammy Greer
North SA Justine Major
South WA June Bell
North WA Candy Hudson
Tasmania Holly Hansen
West Victoria Dean Jones
East Victoria Lana Young

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