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Bruce Scott OAM

Bruce Scott
Qld Region
0419 840 177

My name is Bruce Scott and I am the Specialist Advisor of regional and local government matters.

I was born and bred here in western Queensland and am now based in the town of Charleville, having spent the past 32 years owning and operating a cattle station, Moothandella, in the Queensland Channel Country, near Windorah.

I have extensive experience living and working in remote communities and have been self-employed and an employer for 38 years, as well as served on numerous boards and local, state, federal government and community committees.

Prior to joining the National Drought and Flood Agency, I spent 26 years as a local government councillor and director of numerous public and private sector organisations.  My time as a councillor includes 16 years as mayor of Barcoo Shire Council. My wife and I recently sold our beef cattle property and I retired from local government at the March 2020 Queensland local government elections.

My representation in local government and Central West Hospital and Health Service has given me extensive experience in community consultation and an understanding of the unique social and economic challenges faced by people living in regional and remote Australia, particularly those families living off the land and in small communities.

As a small businessman I am also aware of the impacts of drought on businesses that rely on healthy rural communities to survive.

There are many folk here in the South West region that I am friends with or I know through my time as a grazier and councillor, but for those I have not yet met, I look forward to meeting you on your property or in your town soon.