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Claire Butler

Claire Butler
NSW Region
0427 563 876

My name is Claire Butler and I am the Regional Recovery Officer for Far West NSW.  I live on a merino sheep station located between Balranald and Ivanhoe. 

I have worked in both local and state government community engagement roles, including 5 years on the State Council of the Isolated Children’s Parents Association of NSW, advocating for access to education for rural and remote families, developing networks and pathways that help farming families and assisting in policy change at a NSW Government level. 

Having run our own farming business, combined with working and volunteering off farm, I know the ebbs and the flows of farming and remote living.

We have experienced the hardships caused by drought as well as the intermittent good seasons that come with farming in a marginal rainfall area.  We have also experienced the joys and the challenges of raising and educating children in an isolated area.

In my role as Regional Recovery Officer I will be travelling widely and often, meeting with individuals, businesses and local stakeholders and reporting back to the highest levels of Government on the grassroots issues that affect Far West NSW communities.

I look forward to seeing you soon.