Tahna Jackson

Tahna Jackson
Qld Region
0409 357 211

I am a livestock farmer from the Dimbulah region in North Queensland with a lifetime experience in the agriculture sector.  My husband and I own and manage a sustainable regenerative farming operation focusing on beef cattle, sheep and goat meat sales and pasture raised free-range chickens for egg production.  In 2020 we will further diversify our produce range by planting passionfruit.

My experience in running a farming business and previous work in rural support services gives me a genuine understanding of the many and varied challenges faced by people living in rural and regional communities.

Prior to joining the National Drought and Flood Agency, I worked as a Farm Liaison Officer with the Rural Financial Counselling Service (QLD), supporting Australian Government programs including health and wellbeing services.

I also worked as Regional Manager and as a Drought Project Manager for AgForce Queensland, and am well known in North Queensland, having previously lived and worked in Longreach, Boulia and McKinlay Shires.

As a Regional Recovery Officer, I will be responsible for engaging with individuals, businesses, stakeholders and communities impacted by drought and the North Queensland monsoonal flooding in 2019.

As part of my role at the National Drought and Flood Agency, I will be travelling widely across North Queensland, and I look forward to meeting you in town or on your property in the near future.