2021 Eastern Australia Storms and Floods – updates from the Australian Government

Justine Major

Justine Major
SA Region
0409 592 629

My name is Justine Major and I am the Regional Recovery Officer for North SA. 

I am a fourth generation farmer and together with my husband run a cereal cropping and merino sheep operation north of Kimba, South Australia. 

As well as farming, I have also worked in the banking, corporate and government sectors and have completed a Bachelor of Business (Agricultural Commerce) and a Master of Sustainable Agriculture.

Growing up on the family farm has given me first-hand knowledge of droughts and the social and economic impacts a lack of rainfall has on farming businesses and communities. 

I have a passion for sustainable farming and am committed to making the most out of farming from a financial and lifestyle standpoint, and maintaining and improving the land for future generations.

Having worked hands-on in the business I have a good understanding of production constraints, the impact of commodity markets and financial restrictions felt during drought periods. I am also familiar with the drought recovery phase and developing strategies to soften the impact of future droughts.   

In my role as Regional Recovery Officer I am focused on providing support to communities in North SA living through the impacts of drought and other issues affecting rural families and businesses such as COVID-19.

I will be travelling widely and look forward to meeting you in town or on your property soon.