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Indexed File List

Senate Order for the production of indexed lists of departmental and agency files

In 1994, the Senate agreed to a motion by Senator Brian Harradine requiring that all Australian Government Departments and Agencies produce an indexed list of their files every six months for tabling before parliament. The production of the list is intended to make the operations of Government more transparent to the Australian public.

As part of the Government’s commitment to giving Australians greater access to relevant Government information quickly and easily, the original Senate Order was amended in 1998 and now requires Departments and Agencies to also list these files on their websites.

The lists are tabled twice a year, once in the Spring sittings and once in the Autumn sittings.

  • Spring sittings - files created in the preceding July to December
  • Autumn sitting - files created in the preceding January to June

Requirements of the Senate Order for the Production of Indexed Lists of Departmental and Agency File

The Drought and Flood Agency's indexed list of files

In accordance with the Senate Order, the Agency's list of files does not include:

  • files transferred to the National Archives of Australia;
  • files related to the internal administration of the Agency (staff or personnel, accounts, training, or general administrative matters); and
  • case related files (for example personal representation or dealings with the personal affairs of departmental or agency clients).

In addition, the Agency's lists do not include files whose titles would disclose the deliberations of Cabinet.  In accordance with the Senate Order, some information in file titles has been deleted, such as:

  • commercially confidential information
  • identifiably personal information
  • any security classified information which is disclosed in, or which could be established from, a file title.

In response to the Senate Order that the list be 'indexed', the files are arranged by file number.

File lists

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