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Desert Poppies bloom in the NT

Desert Poppies is a community group in the Northern Territory focused on connecting, educating and inspiring rural Central Australians.

We were proud co-sponsors of their most recent event, held in late December at Mt Riddock Station in the Central Desert region.

Over 50 people from across the red centre came together to learn new skills, socialise and take home life-long tools to help manage physical and mental stress.

There was a drone workshop for both experienced and new pilots, yoga relaxation techniques for those looking to build reliance mentally and physically, and painting as an alternative relaxation outlet.

Host Rebecca Cadzow said the event was a great opportunity for people living in remote areas to get together, catch up and unwind – at the end of a very challenging year.

“Desert Poppies is about forming a community and educating at the same time,” Rebecca said.

“We’ve been through a really long drought, prior to that we had bushfires so it’s been important today to have engaged in some mental wellbeing.

“The art class was fun and great for our creativity – again, it’s another outlet for stress and being able to cope with mental hardship.”

Previously, Desert Poppies has been a pay-to-go event, but this time the Agency was happy to assist.

In such a remote location where people can go for months at a time without meeting other people, Rebecca was grateful this year’s event could go ahead.

“People are educating themselves, they’re learning how to fly a drone for their agricultural practices using new technology; that wouldn’t be possible without the Drought and Flood Agency’s sponsorship,” she said.

To find out more about our sponsorships, get in touch with your local Regional Recovery Officer - you can find yours here. Sponsorship guidelines to 30 June 2021 are on our website here.

Check out the Desert Poppies video below