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Drought preparedness


Regional Recovery Officer Tammy Greer and Agency staff caught up with Minister for Regional Health, Regional Communications and Local Government, Mark Coulton MP in Dubbo recently, to talk about drought preparedness.

“I believe the best way to start preparing for the next drought is to maximise the financial returns from good seasons” said Minister Coulton.  

“The Government recognises that the best way to handle a drought is to help farmers to be prepared in the first instance.”

The Australian Government has committed more than $10 billion to help farmers and rural and regional businesses and communities respond to and recover from the current drought and be better prepared for future droughts.

“Our farmers are incredibly inventive, they are resourceful, they are the most productive and efficient farmers in the world”

“They don’t need the Government to tell them what to do, what they need the Government to do is to provide and environment where they can manage, invest and grow their operations so they are more resilient the next time we get into a dry cycle” Minister Coulton said.

The Australian Government will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with regional communities on this journey, and we will work together to ensure that the assistance being provided is hitting the mark, as well as looking towards ways to build preparedness for the next one.

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