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Flood recovery – Winton's diverse economy

Winton, Central West Queensland

Winton’s unique characteristics are being leveraged to broaden the town’s economy beyond the traditional industries of sheep and cattle production.

The town has endured both drought and flood in recent years, however the community is resilient and thriving. Over the past year, young families have started moving to the area and it’s a ‘must visit’ tourist destination.

Winton Shire Council has encouraged investment, and directly invested, in tourism opportunities, festivals and community events, film making, opal mining, geothermal power generation, and in bringing sheep farming back into the area. It’s a prime example of broadening a region’s economic base to make the most of its unique characteristics, supporting longer-term recovery and ensuring it is strong, prosperous and better able to withstand future challenges. 

‘Broadening the economic base’ is one of the 5 strategic pillars detailed in After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery developed with and for communities affected by the 2019 North Queensland flood event. This Strategy is a blueprint for the region’s future, that can be used by anyone with a stake in its long-term prosperity. You can read more about it here.

Check out the Winton case study video below

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