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Flood recovery - Cloncurry, 18 months later

We recently caught up with Cloncurry Shire Mayor, local grazier and a former member of our Advisory Board Greg Campbell to hear how the Shire is recovering from the 2019 monsoon flood event.

In his view, people are now “tracking OK”.

“The flood of 2019 was a totally unprecedented event for my generation,” Greg said.

“It totally isolated the town for weeks and devastated the cattle industry in the north west region. But our community is tough and rallied through it.”

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was the knock on effect for our businesses and contractors. So Council had a record capital works spend, over $60 million in the last financial year, to keep everyone employed.”

“Recovery is going to take four or five years. We’re hoping for a good wet season this year so graziers can take full advantage of the platform for restocking that’s been laid down by the Federal Government.”

And, we got a reminder from Greg that “everyone’s always welcome to come to ‘The Curry’ - it’s the friendliest town in Queensland. This time of year you would be dead for quids to be anywhere else.”

Farmers and graziers looking to take advantage of the Australian Government’s $400,000 co-contribution North Queensland Restocking, Replanting and On-farm Infrastructure grant have more time to consider how to use the funding, with the closing date extended to 30 June 2022. For more information and how to apply, visit the QRIDA website

The National Drought and Flood Agency continues to support ongoing recovery and is implementing a blueprint for the region’s future that can be used by anyone with a stake in its long-term prosperity. You can read more about ‘After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery’ - developed with communities affected by the 2019 event - here.