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Flood recovery: Locally-led solution to connectivity challenges

North Queensland

Next time you embark on a Netflix binge, take a moment to consider that what many of us take for granted isn’t possible in some parts of remote and regional Australia, where internet connectivity can be unreliable and costly.

During our discussions with people after the 2019 North Queensland flood event, the challenges of poor connectivity and costly infrastructure were regularly raised. While it’s not a problem exclusive to this region, access to reliable and affordable telecommunications and electricity are key to its future prosperity.

Encouraging investment in infrastructure that takes into account the social as well as the economic benefits is a focus of “Building more resilient infrastructure”, one of the priorities of the regions’ long term recovery strategy.

Richmond’s William Harrington can attest to the social and business benefits of improved connectivity. His Wi-Sky wireless network transformed his business, connected his neighbours, and is now rolling out across the North-West.


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