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Flood recovery - NQ Cowboys supporting mentally resilient communities

During the Agency’s extensive consultations with flood-affected communities about what they wanted to support their ongoing recovery from the 2019 event, they said an emphasis on community connectedness and specific support for children’s health and wellbeing are important.  It’s why “Fostering connected and cohesive communities” is a priority in the region’s long term recovery strategy.

The power of the North Queensland Cowboys’ brand places the club in a unique position to have a positive impact on their communities.

Through a partnership with The Resilience Project, they’re using an evidence-based approach to build resilience and develop positive mental health in schools for kids, parents and teachers.

From working with four schools in 2018, interest in the program quickly grew and by the end of this year they’ll have worked with 24 schools, with another 48 in the pipeline. Funding from the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network and Queensland Government has made this possible.

Similar to the National Drought and Flood Agency’s ‘locally led, locally understood, locally implemented’ guiding principle, which places the people affected by the flood event at the heart of our work, the Cowboys connect with the wider community when delivering a program in a school.

“We deliver community engagement sessions when we visit schools and regional communities – we want to spread our messages as far and wide as possible, using the power of our brand to unite people and bring them together on this important journey,” explained Chief Community & Government Relations Manager Fiona Pelling.

Through the work of the Cowboys and the Resilience Project, the region’s young people are being skilled to practice gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, placing them on a solid foundation to deal with whatever comes their way.

Watch more here: www.cowboys.com.au/news/2019/09/18/how-trp-is-helping-our-kids

Image from Cowboys Media. 

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