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Flood recovery - Rebuilding the herd

During the 2019 North Queensland flood event, more than 40 percent of North West Queensland’s grazing lands were subject to extreme weather conditions including flooding and a sudden drop in temperature. An estimated 457,000 head of cattle, 43,000 sheep and a smaller number of goats perished.

Immediately following the event, joint Australian and Queensland Government funded primary producer grants of  $75,000 assisted with clean-up and repairs.  The Australian Government-funded dollar-for-dollar $400,000 Restocking, Replanting and On-farm Infrastructure grants are further helping people get back to business.  We caught up with some producers who’ve made use of these grants to see how the restocking efforts are progressing – watch their story below.

‘Building prosperous enterprises’ is one of the 5 strategic pillars of ‘After the flood: A strategy for long-term recovery’ which was developed by the National Drought and Flood Agency with and for communities affected by the 2019 North Queensland flood event. This Strategy is a blueprint for the region’s future, that can be used by anyone with a stake in its long-term prosperity. You can read more about it here.

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