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Giving men’s health a kick

NT Regional Recovery Officer Jane Mack joined Broken Spur recently for an event in outback NT to support men’s health.

Broken Spur Inc is a not-for-profit association that advocates, promotes and sponsors programs for men’s health in rural Australia. Each year, it runs a Bronco Branding Competition at Undoolya Station, and brings along some health professionals from Central Australia Health Services to provide health advice and support. This year they had a nurse, a doctor and a dietitian – and there were queues to see them.

East of Alice Springs, Undoolya Station is almost smack dab in the middle of the NT. Despite its remoteness and the tough conditions on the day – 30 kilometre winds with dust swirling – they had a turnout almost triple what they expected, with 200 – 300 people enjoying the day.

Jane said it was great to team up with Broken Spur to be there on the day to offer drought advice and support, in addition to the health services.

“It was just a really relaxed atmosphere to be able to discuss what support is available from the Australian Government. I also got some good feedback on what programs are working well, and where we can make improvements,” Jane said.

As Shane said, the day was as much about relaxing, having fun and striking up conversations as it was about serious stuff like health checks and drought support.

“A lot of these blokes are doing it tough,” he said, “We’ve had an amazing day today… all the blokes out there are having a good time.”