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The House that Drought Built

Despite recent good rains in many parts of NSW, the impact of prolonged drought is still being felt across the state. To address some of these challenges, the people of Tamworth came together with a unique approach to assist those in greatest need in their community.

Daniel and Natalie Urquhart, owners of G.J. Gardner Homes Australia, came up with “The House that Drought Built” after recognising the drought’s devastating impact. The fundraising initiative – to build and auction off a family home – is a partnership between G.J. Gardner Homes (Tamworth), The Salvation Army Tamworth, Lampada Estate, Tamworth Regional Council and PRD Tamworth.

This spectacular home was auctioned on 25 July 2020, selling for $560,000 and raising $240,000 for distribution by the Salvos to the Shire’s farming families who need assistance.

Watch the video below.