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Lynda Atkinson, a lifetime of volunteering

Lynda Atkinson from Delungra near Inverell Shire in northern NSW has spent her life volunteering in her community.

A 7th generation farmer, Lynda was taught as a child if you want to feel better then make someone else feel better.

As an active member of her local Country Women’s Association, Lynda has organised numerous ‘Forget about the Drought’ events for families in her area.

As Lynda says: “They’re free events for families, we’d put on supper and make sure everyone takes something home afterwards – whether it’s toys for the kids or a voucher for mum."

"Living with this drought, which has been unprecedented, puts undue pressures on families, and being able to lift people’s spirits is what the CWA is all about.”

See Lynda's video story below.