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Flood recovery: Locally-led solution to connectivity challenges

Next time you embark on a Netflix binge, take a moment to consider that what many of us take for granted isn’t possible in some parts of remote and regional Australia, where internet connectivity can be unreliable and costly.

During our discussions with people after the 2019 North Queensland flood event, the challenges of poor connectivity and costly infrastructure were regularly raised. While it’s not a problem exclusive to this region, access to reliable and affordable telecommunications and electricity are key to its future prosperity.

Helping kids remain resilient in the face of natural disaster

A program to help school-aged children remain resilient in the face of natural disaster will roll out across North Queensland over the coming months.

The $2 million ‘Resilient Kids’ measure is one of five funded by the Australian Government to kick-start the implementation of the locally-led long-term recovery strategy, developed by the National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency following the devastating and widespread 2019 monsoon trough.

Flood recovery - NQ Cowboys supporting mentally resilient communities

During the Agency’s extensive consultations with flood-affected communities about what they wanted to support their ongoing recovery from the 2019 event, they said an emphasis on community connectedness and specific support for children’s health and wellbeing are important.  It’s why “Fostering connected and cohesive communities” is a priority in the region’s long term recovery strategy.

Flood recovery - Shane Stone and Stuart Gordon discuss common ground beyond the flood

Everyone working together to get stuff done is the best way to help communities recover from natural disasters.

Since the 2019 North Queensland flood, the Agency has worked with local, state and commonwealth government bodies, businesses and community members to support ongoing recovery and plan for a strong and resilient future.

Keeping connected and staying strong

Knowing your neighbour, knowing where to turn for help, knowing how to talk to a mate about how they’re faring, and confidently volunteering for things that are important to your community…..this is the stuff that keeps communities connected.

When the Agency talked to people about what helped them start the long recovery from the 2019 North Queensland flood event they said the way their neighbours, friends, businesses, council and local services just got on with doing whatever needed to be done made a huge difference.


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